Threadless Body Jewelry by NeoMetal

Do your piercings have a metal sensitivity (nickel allergy), but gold is too expensive or just not your style?  Are you tired of losing and replacing the same jewelry over and over again?  Do you have trouble remembering the correct gauge for your piercings?  Consider Neometal. Here are just some of the good things about NeoMetal Jewelry: Made out of solid implant-grade titanium (That means it’s nonallergenic and more durable...

Stretching Methods for Ear Lobes

Before stretching the ear lobe, the skin must be completely healed from piercing.  This typically takes six months to a year.  While in the process of stretching the ear lobe, it is necessary to wait a minimum of one month between small stretches (20g down to 8g) and a minimum of three months for a typical 1mm stretch.  Up to an 8g, the difference between stretches is about 0.5mm.  From...

Ear Piercing Guide & Chart

-Outer Ear Piercings- A. Standard Ear Lobe Despite what most people may think, even your standard ear lobe piercings should be executed by a professional.  Often ear lobe piercings are done by amateurs using a painful gun to force a sharpened earring post through the lobe.  The earring posts used in a gun are often made of sterling silver or 14k gold, both of which are considered inappropriate for piercing...

Tulsa Body Jewelry's 10th Anniversary!

Hard to believe it's been ten years already, but we first opened our brick and mortar Tulsa store January 16th 2006. Thanks to our customers for supporting us through all the little bumps along the way. We're all excited for the next decade right here on Harvard Avenue.  
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