TBJ Parking

Where can I park?

  1. Our new lot is accessible from Harvard Avenue, just north of the shop.
  2. You can park curbside on Harvard Avenue, right in front of the shop. It's completely legal and the street really is wide enough.
  3. Angled parking on the north side of 19th street. You'll see signs that claim those spaces are reserved for other businesses, but that's total bullshit. It's public property owned and maintained by the city of Tulsa.


  • Please do not park at the Love Me Two Times vintage mall. If you're looking at a mushroom and flower mural, don't park there no matter how much you're "feeling it". It's a separate business and we don't share parking. Please help us be respectful to our new neighbor.
Tulsa Body Jewelry parking
Tulsa Body Jewelry
1742 South Harvard Ave

Tulsa OK 74112
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