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Kaos Softwear was founded in 2002 by Jesse Jarrell and Steve Haworth. They were first to mass market silicone body jewelry and remain the leading edge for quality and design. We proud to carry every color they make and try our best to keep them all in stock. We've put together a roundup of everything that Kaos is currently offering in their wholesale catalog. They do offer custom color options through their website, but you'd have to order those directly from them!


It's a fairly common practice, but silicone jewelry is not a recommended method for stretching your lobes. We recommend using silicone body jewelry in well-healed piercings only!


Kaos Dark Blue Ear SkinsKaos Hot Pink Ear SkinsKaos Emerald Pearl Ear Skins

Skin Eyelets

Skin eyelets are the most popular style we carry from Kaos Softwear. Perhaps it's because they're available in the widest variety of kick-ass colors. The skins are widely imitated but never duplicated. The wearable area is 5/16" from 10g up to one inch, and 3/8" from 1-1/8" up to three inches. Most colors are available from 6g up to one inch unless marked with an asterisk(s). Autumn Brown, Avocado, Aztec Gold****, Black*, Clear*, Cobalt Pearl, Copper***, Cranberry*****, Dark Blue, Emerald Pearl, Gold***, Grey, Hot Pink, Lavender Pearl, Maple*****, Maroon Pearl, Metallic Silver****, Mint*****, Misty Rose****, Ocean Blue****, Red, Rose Gold***, Royal Purple**, Sea Blue Pearl, Sea Foam Pearl, Shell Pink Pearl, Silver***, Slate Blue, Spruce*****, Tropical Green****, True Blue, True Purple, UV Green, UV Magenta, UV Orange, UV Purple, UV Red, UV Yellow, White Pearl**, Yellow, White*.

* available in 10g up to 3"
** available in 6g up to 3"
*** available in 1-1/8" up to 3"
**** discontinued color
***** new colors available in 10g up to 1"


Kaos Red TunnelsKaos Grey TunnelsKaos Yellow Tunnels


Tunnels are a bit thicker and more limited in color selection, but they still have a loyal following. All color are available in sizes from 0g up to one inch with a wearable area of 3/8". Black, Clear, Grey, Red, True Blue, White or Yellow.


Kaos Gold Hydra TunnelsKaos Silver Hydra TunnelsKaos Copper Hydra Tunnels

Hydra Tunnels

Teardrop-shaped hydra tunnels can be especially good for distributing weight when combined with heavier jewelry or ear weights. The wearable area is 5/16" from 00g up to one inch, and 3/8" from 1-1/8" up to two inches. Black, Clear, Copper, Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, White.


Kaos True Blue Hollow PlugsKaos White Hollow PlugsKaos Red Hollow Plugs

Hollow Plugs

The hollow plugs look solid from the front, but are almost completely hollow when viewed from the backside. The result is a comfortable plug that has a little more squish to give, allowing for easy insertion. They're available in sizes from 10g up to one inch with a wearable area of 3/8". Black, Red, True Blue, White, Yellow.



Kaos Hider Plugs

Hider Plugs

Kaos hider plugs are identical to hollow plugs except they come in size different flesh tones. It was a happy day when we first received these here at the shop. I always felt awkward that we had only a selection of (generic silicone) caucasian hiders, but that was all we could find at the time. The come in 6 different flesh tones from 10g up to one inch and a wearable area of 3/8". I really wish they'd make these up to 1-1/2" or maybe 2"!


Clear Kaos Heart RetainerLight Kaos Heart RetainerDark Kaos Heart Retainer

Heart Retainers

The new Kaos heart retainers may be the biggest innovation in body piercing retainers ever. It takes a minute to wrap one's head around the process of inserting one of these things, but it should be doable with a little practice. These are the ultimate retainer for athletics, but do an amazing job of blending in at work or school. Heart retainers are available in clear or choice of six flesh tone colors.



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