Our advice for maintaining plugs and tunnels made entirely from wood. Additional care is likely required for jewelry designs that feature other inlaid materials with their own specific properties! Please keep in mind that hand washing with fragrance free antibacterial soap helps to prevent fresh contamination when changing out any body jewelry.

Dampen a soft cloth in mild non-chemical soapy water to gently clean as needed. Never soak wood jewelry in water or any other liquid solution. Tea tree oil can be used sparingly (often diluted) to disinfect with a lovely scent, but please be certain you are not allergic. Pat them dry with a soft cloth and then allow to air dry thoroughly. We recommend polishing wood jewelry with a dab of beeswax. Overuse of wax results in dull accumulations instead of the desired shine! You can finish with a light rubdown of vitamin E, Jojoba, or mineral oil. Wood jewelry will often get darker in color with regular wear and oil treatments. Rough spots can be removed from the surface with gentle use of a fine grit sandpaper (#600 or higher).

Never wear wood plugs while swimming, in the hot tub, sauna or even your everyday shower. Wood will expand and contract a bit with with every exposure, weathering the finish and may lead to cracking. Avoid storing your organic jewelry near a heat source or exposure to direct sunlight as it will dry wood. Obviously, wood and other organics should never be autoclaved or treated with any alcohol-based product. Avoid contact with hair spray, perfume, lotions, sunscreen and insect repellent. Almost anything can easily soak into wood, causing discolorations, damage and a potential for skin irritation.

Microfiber Polishing Cloth
Organic Jojoba Oil
Organic Beeswax
Tea Tree Oil

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