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NeoMetal Body JewelryDo your piercings have a metal sensitivity (nickel allergy), but gold is too expensive or just not your style?  Are you tired of losing and replacing the same jewelry over and over again?  Do you have trouble remembering the correct gauge for your piercings?  Consider Neometal.

Here are just some of the good things about NeoMetal Jewelry:

  • Made out of solid implant-grade titanium (That means it’s nonallergenic and more durable than gold)
  • Made with SWAROVSKI cubic zirconia and other high-quality synthetic gems & opals
  • “Snap-together” threadless system (The top can’t come unscrewed; harder to lose)
  • Guaranteed for life against any defects

Many people think they can only wear gold if they have sensitive skin.  Not only is gold expensive, it’s also soft and over time it may become scratched or the threads may wear out.  Because NeoMetal Jewelry uses implant-grade titanium, it is built to last forever.  This could just be the last barbell you ever buy!  Titanium is exceptionally strong and durable.  Implant-grade means that it is safe for permanent body implantation, as in a hip or knee joint replacement.  Their gems, opals, and stones are crimp-set in the same implant-grade titanium, which means no glue and no losing the gem, ever!  This jewelry comes with a lifetime guarantee.


NeoMetal Prong EmeraldNeoMetal Trinity Mint GreenNeoMetal Bezel Opal Purple


Opal Triple Flat HelixOur favorite part about NeoMetal Jewelry has to be the universality of the tops.  No matter if your piercing is 18g or 14g, they all use the same tops.  So, the bases may be different gauges, but they all accept the same type of tops.  Normally, you would have to purchase tops according to the gauge of the barbell and the type of threading (internal vs. external), but with Neometal Jewelry you have the flexibility to use the exact same type of Neometal top(s) for every piercing.  

With normal threaded jewelry, there is always the likelihood that the top may come unscrewed from its base.  Threads can become stripped and inevitably will need to be replaced.  With NeoMetal threadless jewelry, your parts don’t come loose accidentally.

Opal Triple Flat HelixSlightly bending the pin on a Neometal top creates tension when the top is pushed into the base.  The tension of forcing the not-quite-straight pin into the barrel of the hollow barbell is what keeps your jewelry in place.  The pins are adjustable, so you can determine how easily the top comes out of its base.  If you’re the type to stick to one piece of jewelry for a long period of time, you can make the bend more angled to create more tension when putting the jewelry together.  If you want the freedom to change your tops more frequently, you can make the top easier to remove by straightening out the pin a little.

NeoMetal jewelry requires no tools; just use the barbell itself to bend or straighten the pin by inserting it about halfway into the base and applying pressure.  To remove, just get a good grip on both ends of the barbell and pull apart.  It’s that simple!


NeoMetal Body Jewelry Instructions




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