Daith Jewelry

Daith JewelryJust above the tragus is the piece of cartilage that bridges from the inner to the outer ear. This “bridge” is called the daith and is usually pierced with a curved piece of jewelry to fit in the cramped space. This piercing is commonly a 16g and can fit a small captive bead ring, circular barbell, or curved barbell depending on preference. The jewelry may be changed two or three months after being pierced but may not completely heal until six months or more.


We carry a wide selection of daith piercing jewelry made from implant grade stainless steel, titanium and more. The size recommendations we give on this page will be correct for most, but not all people. We always recommend that you visit a reputable local piercing shop and have them measure you if there's any uncertainty. Just click on the style you want to browse below...


Daith Rings & HoopsCaptive Rings & More

There are several ring types that will work nicely so long as the size is correct. The interior diameter will usually be 5/16".


Circular Daith BarbellsCircular Barbells

These are great if you like the hoop design, but prefer threaded balls that screw on and off. The interior diameter will usually be 5/16".


Curved Daith BarbellsCurved Barbells

Less likely to get snagged on something, a well-fitting curved barbell is a popular choice. The length is usually 5/16".


Spiral Daith BarbellsSpiral Barbells

Much less commonly used, but these are hoops with a funky twist if you're looking for something different. The interior diameter will usually be 5/16".


Daith RetainersRetainers

If you need to hide your daith piercing or replace the metal for an upcoming medical procedure, we have several glass and plastic options. The length is usually 5/16".