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Clear Nostril Screw Retainer

Clear Nostril Screw Retainer

SKU: RTR-NSC-20-5/16

These 20 gauge 5/16" clear monofilament nostril screw retainers are the best option for minimizing your piercing because they're soft and flexible, yet retain their shape. They're made of a non-petroleum based nylon monofilament, the same material used for non-absorbable sutures.


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Customer Reviews

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Aubrey Myers A.M. Aubrey M.
Too big.

The wearable area was too large.

I'm sorry this item wasn't right for you. These are accurately described as having a 5/16' wearable area. It sounds like 1/4' wearable would be the correct size for you. We have several glass nose retainers in that size, but this particular item is not available any shorter.
Del I. D.I. Del I.
Consistent satsifaction!

Thank you very much for the consistent quality, and the timely manner in shipping. Tulsa is so awesome and I will continue to shop here! The retainer conceals my piercing completely, and it's super comfy to wear I almost forget it's in. Thank you, again. Continue to be awesome!

PS: don't be hesitant to purchase from here. :)

Megan Cohen M.C. Megan C.
Great until I lost it

It was great until I lost it. But it fell out and I didn't notice it gone before it was too late to retrace my steps. Bummer for me, but did the trick while it lasted. Will buy multiple next time.

Erina Hui E.H. Erina H.

I tried ordering the plastic 20g retainer. The Molly told me they were out of them/on back order and the site didn't fix that little detail. And then once I received the email. I called her right away. And she explained the problem. So she asked me since that plastic one wouldn't be comfortable for you anyways. She asked me if I.eantes the glass retainer instead. And since she already saw that I paid for this plastic retainer. She made even for me and gave it to me for the same price. With that being said. I took the 18g glass retainer since that's the smallest one she had. I was happy to get it and take it to my local piercer to take out my stuck annoying painful plastic retainer and have them replace it with my new glass one!! Thanks Molly for all your help. The glass retainer is perfect. Just what needed. AND it's DEFINITELY not noticeable and VERY comfortable too!! My piercing is still a little sore and red because of the plastic one. But the glass one is helping it heal just fine. So again. Thank you SO MUCH MOLLY!!! YOU'RE THE BEST!!!

Nadia bigney N.b. Nadia b.
I want

When will these be back in stock. This is exactly what I need

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